How to get good-quality hunting clothes



If you share the same attitude as mine towards nature, adventure, and holiday fun, you probably know already there’s one major aspect that needs to be taken care of for better enjoyment. Choosing good-quality clothes is essential for your health and comfort and the success of your hunting trip.

Getting the right clothes rests first of all on the quality of their material. Try to pick the kind of material that suits the conditions of the hunting environment. Compare breathability, water resistance or moisture wicking, weight and noise level.

The most common materials for hunting clothes are polypropylene, polyester and wool, each of them bearing various advantages or downsides.They become valuable when used in a typical layers system. That means you need to choose the right material for each type of layer in order to achieve the quality you desire for the hunting clothes.

The base layer is the one you wear closest to your skin. Your aim is to offer warmth to the body and keep your skin dry by pulling away the sweat. Your best choice would be a midweight or heavyweight layer, as you’re not going to exercise a lot. For short activity alternating with rest or for just standing in a cold weather, those are better suited.

You may favor polypropylene or polyester for drying quickly and being breathable. My favorite would be merino wool, but as it’s more expensive, I don’t always pick that option. Try to avoid cotton, however, because it’s going to keep you damp and chill.

The mid layer should provide extra warmth with as little bulk as possible so that you can move without restriction and still have protection from the cold. If you’re not hiking, wear a pullover or vest and choose polyester, fleece or wool over nylon, because that should do the trick.

The outer layer is the protection you get from the weather conditions, so quality is equal to well adapted. Most often, conditions change, and you have to be prepared to face wind and rain or snow. So you’ll have to make your choice according to season and area.

Water resistant, breathable clothes are cheaper, and they’re great for when it’s warm, and there’s little or no rain. But the choice for waterproof is always considered an improvement. Unless you’re fond of fishing, I would advise you to choose the breathable material.

When you choose your pants, search for materials that are less noisy, like fleece or soft shell. The zip-cuff openings for boots and easy movement crouching or kneeling are also marks of quality hunting pants.

Be careful when using the layers system, better quality clothes aren’t everything. Wear them adequately, as more layers could also mean more sweat, and your odor isn’t good for the hunt. Also, try to get rid of the scent in the clothes.

Now that you know your clothes, pick the right camouflage and a good pair of hunting boots and you’re good to go!

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