I love recurve bows

If you are a beginner in the field of archery, looking for bows may be tiring and confusing especially with all different brands and manufacturers out there. However, believe it or not, it is very simple as long as you understand what you are doing, where you will use it, and understand some facts that you should know before buying one.

When purchasing a recurve bow, I strongly recommend that you consider these kinds first. Once you are through answering, your choices will narrow down to the brands that best fit your needs.



Martin Saber Recurve Bow


Despite its 34 inches length, the Martin Saber recurve bow is considered as a lightweight riser with only 3.4 lbs in bow weight. It has a great vibration-dampening technology which will make your hunting experience easier and fun. When it comes to gripping and holding, you can be assured that a Martin Saber is comfortable underneath your hand, and it is also easy to pull and draw the string back. One of the best things that I like about Martin Saber is the fact that it has been proven accurate on the target even when tough weather conditions arise. This bow is good for both hunting and target practice that can be used by beginners and intermediate archers alike.



Hoyt Buffalo


Longer than Martin Saber’s at 60 inches in length, but lighter in weight at 32 lbs, the Hoyt Buffalo can draw 45, 50, 55 lbs. You can have consistent draws without the fear of vibration and it is resistant to all kinds of rough conditions and weather. The string has also been considered one of the highest qualities among recurve bows. This particular bow virtually has no stocking. The technology used has been derived from Hoyt’s Olympic bows which will ensure that your money is certainly worth for this kind of bow. Despite rather expensive price, the bow is a high-quality surely worth your money. It can be used for all archers with different levels of experience, but it is strongly recommended to be used by adult males.



Martin Jaguar Recurve Bow

martinThe length is at 60 inches, while weight is at 2.8 lbs. Even with its light weight and the plastic arrow rest, you can still ensure that the product is made of sturdy material. It is easy to store and carry from one place to another. Martin Jaguar is good for target and hunting trips and can be used both by beginner and intermediate level archers.

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