I plan on getting a tree stand for my hunting trips

Is the title of this article, a topic of concern for you? Yes? Well, it’s a very common query for all the new and old hunters out there.  But you don’t have to worry because you have landed in the right place now, and all your queries will vanish by the end of this post.


So the very first thing,

Handmade or Ready-made?


The positive side of a hand made stand is that,  you are absolutely free to decide the design and the type of material you want to combine. In ready-made stands, the material and design are set on default for large scale production, due to which, you may get the desired construction but the material used may not be of your interest and vice versa.

Moreover, since a handmade stand will be ‘HAND-made’ , the probability of a perfect construction will be less, and the errors may cost you majorly later. The readymade stands, on the other hand, are built by high-tech robotic machinery, under the expert supervision, making them more reliable and the chances of error minimal.


The Type

Whether you opt for a handmade or readymade, the type of the tree stand is necessary to decide. The type of the tree-stand you select, should be based on the weight that you prefer. These are  the different tree stand types and their features.

Climbing tree stand :- These stands work well with straight trunks and minimal branching. They are light weight hence easy to carry, but not so stable due to the same reason.

Ladder stands :- They are heavier and hence very stable to provide absolute precision but are not easily movable. They have strong ladders to climb, which provides additional support to the platform, along with the belt straps, making them safest of all.

Hanging stands :- Also known as hang-on  stands, are the ones which are most flexible, easy to carry and easy to assemble. They can be used on almost all kind of trees. Stability can be a matter here, but it may not bother your precision once you get familiar with it.


Apart from these, look for the stands with substantial safety measures such as safety harness and strong cable belts.

Keeping the above factors in mind, it will be no more difficult now,  to find a perfect tree stand for your hunting trips. See you again !!

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